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Repository of Civil Society Initiatives Against the Pandemic

Our repository brings research, information, and data about actions and initiatives carried out by civil society and social movements to support the population and pressure for action from the government and other authorities.

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Institutional Activism

Creativity and struggle in the Brazilian bureaucracy

In the blink of an eye, the context changes, history is challenged, and activist actions can appear with other contours, from where one least imagines.

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We are a research group studying the relations between Society and State

We analyze the interactions between civil society and state actors in institution building processes, policy design and implementation, and in the expression of political demands.

Academic Papers


Institutional Activism: creativity and struggle in Brazilian bureaucracy

Rebecca Abers (ed.) and chapters by several Resocie authors


“Solidarity during the pandemic in Brazil: creative recombinations in social movement frames and repertoires”

Marisa von Bülow e Rebecca Abers


Bolsonaro government: democratic regression and political degradation

Chapters by Debora Rezende de Almeida, and by Marisa von Bülow e Max Stabile


Catch the vision: interpretative frames of communication collectives from the peripheries in the Covid-19 pandemic

Mariana Fonseca


State-Society Relations in Uncertain Times: Social Movement Strategies, Ideational Contestation and the Pandemic in Brazil and Argentina

Rebecca Abers, Marisa von Bülow e Federico Rossi


Blocking anti-choice conservatives: feminist institutional networks in Mexico and Brazil (2000–2018)​

Debora Rezende de Almeida e Gizela Zaremberg

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