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Brazil Needs Advice – April 18, 2019 Researchers
and researchers from all over the country react to Decree No. 9,759/2019, reaffirming the importance of participation structures for democracy.

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TV da Democracia May 28, 2018A pr

ofessor at the University of Brasilia, Rebecca Neaera Abers, comments on data from the survey A Cara da Democracia, conducted by the Institute of Democracy last March. – Visit our website:

House of Representatives – May 2, 201
8Republic | Protest

s Researcher Marisa Von Bulow comments on couch activism and points to the problems of perceiving society only from these individuals

WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities – March 28, 2018Reb

ecca Abbers talks about Porto Alegre and its iconic Participatory Budget experiment that was effective at giving poor neighborhoods control over planning decisions, as long as those decisions remained focused on small scale projects.

TV da Democracia October 25, 2017Mari
sa von Bülow, PhD in political science and professor at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Brasilia, talks about digital activism and its dimensions. Visit our website: